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Welcome to Adrienne’s Coaching Corner and thank you for stopping by. Since you’re on my website, you know that I’m a USA Today bestselling author with a backlist of over forty books, an accomplishment I take great pride in. I'm also a life coach specializing in helping writers reach their publishing dreams.

My Background:



I’ve been writing since high school when I first dabbled in my love of storytelling. Crafting a book was always the dream. After graduating from college with a BA in Speech Communications, corporate America called. Still, my love of story remained, quietly reminding me to chase my dream of becoming a published author.

My first book (entitled Strike Zone) will never—ever—be published. I call it my practice book and it’s, as they say, a hot mess. The key was recognizing the mess and giving myself credit for the lessons I learned while drafting those 130,000 words. Yes, you read that number correctly.

Book two, Risking Trust, started everything for me. I queried and queried (and queried!) and plenty of soul-crushing rejections ensued. However, there were enough positives to let me know I had the chops to succeed. Those positives kept me motivated to finish my third book, Man Law

Man Law is the book that got me “the call” and made me a published author. By the time that call came, I was well into my fourth book with a fifth planned and sold the entire series. My debut year included five book releases. All because I didn’t give up. I kept writing, and I believed.

Four books later, I became a full-time author and have spent the years since amassing an expansive and varied backlist. Over the years, I’ve witnessed and experienced massive changes in the publishing landscape. All of which required more than a fair amount of (yes, I’m using the dreaded cliché) blood, sweat, and tears.

Those experiences left me with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that come with writing and being a published author. Life coach training, combined with my publishing knowledge, gave me the skills to specialize in unlocking creativity and enhancing productivity.

Whether you're battling writer's block, seeking to improve your writing habits, or need a boost during the publication process, I offer the accountability and support needed to navigate the journey. It’s a crowded market and success is far from guaranteed, but with grit and patience, anything is possible.

Together, we’ll create the power it requires for you to take dynamic actions towards your publishing goals.

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Adrienne Giordano is known to her readers as an entertaining and successful writer. However, that is only one side of her talent in the publishing industry. She also possesses a robust knowledge of the overwhelming number of steps required to nurture an idea from concept to bookshelf. Be it the intricacies and frustrations of writing, the daunting process of finding an agent/agency, or the challenges of self-publishing and marketing, Adrienne has done it all and lived to write about it! For a new author like me, I found her to be uniquely passionate and patient, providing valuable insight in easy-to-understand terms. Adrienne is thorough in her explanations and rationale, and her experience is evident when exploring solutions. She has a great sense of humor and can empathize with writers in need of help. I would highly recommend Adrienne to consult or coach on any project.

Mike Bertok
Author of Breaking The Chain

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