Deep Cover Series While protecting a dangerously attractive ex-agent, a former CIA operative must decide which asset is more important to him: his identity or his heart.

In the Deep Cover Series, a covert agent protection program for former operatives whose covers have been blown is the common thread between three members of the program.

Private Protectors You can guard your heart, but there’s no protection from true love…

Alpha men with all the right moves—in and out of the field—the crew at Taylor Security knows how to get the job done. In this group of former Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and other special operatives, testosterone runs high. And so does their willingness to bend the rules. They’re not afraid of a little risk…except when it comes to their hearts.

Lucie Rizzo Mysteries Some people think Lucie’s life has gone to the dogs.

Walking the straight and narrow sounds simple enough. But for mob princess Lucie Rizzo? Fuggetaboutit. Wherever she goes, chaos isn’t far behind.  Disaster of the criminal variety follows Lucie like her family’s reputation. To succeed in business—and dating—she’ll have to make a new name for herself. Even as she and her wacky crew scramble to clear it at every turn.

Steele Ridge Four Determined Brothers – One Small Town – A Mountain of Secrets

No one makes an impression quite like a Steele. Just ask the women they love. Tough as the name implies and fiercely protective of what’s theirs—and that’s only the men. The Steele girls know what they want and how to get it, too. This larger-than-life family could save a small town on the brink of bankruptcy…if they don’t turn it upside down first.

Steele Ridge: The Kingstons Maggie Kingston is a woman working in a man’s world…and doing a damn good job.

The Kingstons have one thing in common with their Steele cousins: when they fall, they fall hard.  Strong men and even stronger women, these siblings give as good as they get. But Steele Ridge isn’t the sleepy place it used to be. Trouble runs in the family, and the Kingstons will fight for what they love against anything that comes their way.

Casino Fortuna The stakes are high and the nights are hot…

High rollers. Exclusive tables. Beautiful women. Casino Fortuna is the epitome of luxury, sex, and excess. Winning is everything, but losing could be deadly. Those on the inside know gambling means risking more than money. A turn of a card or roll of the dice might change your fortune…or lead to dangerous consequences.

Harlequin Intrigue When you have everything to lose you fight for justice.

Justice is not only blind, it can be deadly. When the law fails, those sworn to uphold, serve, and protect must take matters into their own hands. Attorneys out of the courtroom and in the line of fire. Officers tracking down relentless killers. All want justice to be served, but doing so means risking their lives…and newfound loves.

Schock Sisters Mystery Series Two very different sisters. One killer team.

Justifiable Cause The world of knock-offs isn’t as frivolous as it appears.

A maverick NYPD sergeant and a hotshot attorney are a pair made in task-force heaven…and their own personal hell. Gabe Townsend knows how to work a case, and the last thing he needs is Jo Pomeroy working his last nerve. Or driving him to distraction. The heat between them is undeniable, but catching an elusive criminal could be what makes—or breaks—their careers.

Justice Team A renegade former FBI agent leads a team of operatives who put their lives on the line line for justice. And their hearts on the line for love.

Forget cutthroat politics and government scandals. Washington D.C. has an even darker side, full of lies, intrigue, and murder. Some cases can only be solved beyond the law. And the Justice Team has the necessary skills, sanctioned or not, to do what other agencies can’t. These men and women live—and love—dangerously, always fighting to uncover the truth.