Novels by Adrienne Giordano


Romantic Suspense

The Justice Team Series 

Stealing Justice

Cheating Justice

Holiday Justice

Exposing Justice

Undercover Justice

Protecting Justice

Missing Justice


The Steele Ridge Series 

The Beginning

Going Hard (By Kelsey Browning)

Living Fast

Loving Deep (by Tracey Devlyn) 

Breaking Free

Roaming Wild (by Tracey Devlyn)

Stripping Bare (By Kelsey Browning)


Casino Fortuna Series

Deadly Odds


Private Protectors Series

Risking Trust

Man Law

A Just Deception

Negotiating Point (Novella)

Relentless Pursuit

Opposing Forces


Harlequin Intrigue

The Prosecutor

The Defender

The Marshal

The Detective

The Rebel 

Justifiable Cause Series

The Chase

The Evasion

The Capture



The Lucie Rizzo Series

Dog Collar Crime

Knocked Off






* Books are listed in series order.